You Would Never Think I Was An Escort

People have the most predictable ideas about women who work in the sex industry. But most especially about sex workers who are actually prostitutes. They fall into one of two camps – a spin on the Madonna / whore dichotomy with both ends being whores I guess – neither of which is accurate for the vast majority of the women that I know in the business.

The first is the cliched view of the drug addicted and probably trafficked or forced you girl who is walking the streets in red light areas. She does tricks for next to money and has to spend most of what she earns buying drugs or paying off her pimp. Such women exist and I feel sorry for them, but they are in the minority by a long way. The second is the jet setting high class elite escort who flies around the world on private jets from one month long booking to the next having every bought for her by her billionaire patrons. Again, I have met these women. But the majority of the best escorts Barcelona has to offer have a s little to do with them as they do with street walkers in Salford. Let me use myself as an example.

I am English – in case you had not guessed – and I am twenty eight years old. I started working as an escort part time while I was at University as I did not want horrendous student loans hanging over my head. The money was so good and the work so much easier and better than working in an office that I went into it full time after I graduated. I spend a lot of time in the gym and at hairdressers obviously, keeping the product in good form. And my lingerie bill is disgraceful. I work about two hundred days a year and travel a fair bit.

When I am working I probably average three bookings a day. Sometimes it is more, some less. When I am off duty I just dress like any other woman my age. Lots of jeans and trainers though I must admit a weakness for Doc Martens at the moment! I read a lot and wear glasses unless I am working, when I wear contacts. You would never think I was an escort.


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