Not All Dominatrices Are Equal

If there was a box on the tax returns that accurately covered my profession, it would come (or cum?) under the category of “sex worker” and sub category “dominatrix”. But there is not, which is a shame because far from being ashamed of what I do for a living, I am actually very proud of it. Lots of women turn to being a “domme” or “mistress” when they still look damned good but are not young enough to attract the run of the mill client who wants a twenty five year old one hundred and seventy five centimetre blonde Ukranian supermodel for a hundred and fifty euros. Many of them work as both mature escorts (or otherwise) and also as a dominatrix. That is not the case with me.

dominatrix in black leather corset and panties
Please understand, I do not have any problem with a woman selling her sexual services. If a woman wants to trade her beauty, body and sexual skills for money, then good luck to her. It is a hard job and I have nothing but respect for the girls who work as Gran Canaria escorts. It just is not what I do. In my private life I do have penetrative sex with my partner, but only as part of a very consensual and very happy dominant / submissive relationship.

I am a dominant professionally and also personally. I am not an ex anything as far as the sex business goes. I am a full-on Dominatrix with no quotation marks around it. My clients do not have sex with me of any conventional kind. Do they orgasm? Of course, if I let them. But I do not help them do so (oh, OK, maybe the occasional couple of strokes at the end of a hand job, but nothing else). Some guys (and women) have been known to pop off a small one just stepping into the room while I am in whatever costume I happen to be wearing.

Certainly lots of men get off if I submit them to anal or prostate work – but that would apply to vanilla guys as well. I have been known to force orgasm some female clients, but that is very rare, though a lot of fun. The hardcore subs will have to fight back an orgasm while they are being flogged, scratched, suffocated, humiliated, tortured, or whatever their thing is. But they are never allowed to orgasm unless I give permission. And edging them so that they cannot is one of my favourite things, so that is their tough luck most of the time!


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