High Class Sex Workers

She did not carry a lot of luggage, which surprised me initially. Her Personal Assistant arranged for whatever she needed for her stay to be waiting on arrival. Unlike the majority of sex workers, apparently a dominatrix at her level did not work on short notice bookings. The majority of her clients had regular long term appointments, and if a new client did get onto the books they had to get to the top of the waiting list. He diary was apparently pretty much filled several months ahead. Which made it easy for her to travel light as long as her support team did their job. Besides, as she explained, if she was not flying on the clients private jet, airport security tended to get a little over curious about a case filled with corsets, latex dresses and an assortment of thigh boots and twelve inch high heeled shoes. And they went into full-on code red when they scanned a flight case loaded with handcuffs, whips, chains, vibrators, dildos, spreader bars (google it – I had to) and all the miscellaneous dangerous items that were the tools of her trade. Given that I once had a skipping rope taken from me by the security at Pisa, I could appreciate the problem. Once I stopped pissing myself at the way she described it.

So there were lots of private jets, and the rest was first class seats. And always a limo at the client´s expense and five star hotels or even six star pimp suites. All very nice. And even then I was sure that was not the way that your average escort, domme, sex worker or porn star travelled to work. Out of interest I Googled the 2ndCircle that had been on the name plate on the first night I worked for her. I just found a lot of references to Dante and The Divine Comedy. The second circle of hell was reserved for the lustful. Very witty. Just like the women herself, whether in work mode or otherwise.

Most of the time the job was as boring and predictable as Ione herself was intriguing and fun. Normally I had little or no interaction with my clients. They generally had businesses to run and teams of people around them at all times. But for three weeks it was just her and me. And, that was just fine. In fact, I thought it was great.


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