Not All Dominatrices Are Equal

If there was a box on the tax returns that accurately covered my profession, it would come (or cum?) under the category of “sex worker” and sub category “dominatrix”. But there is not, which is a shame because far from being ashamed of what I do for a living, I am actually very proud of it. Lots of women turn to being a “domme” or “mistress” when they still look damned good but are not young enough to attract the run of the mill client who wants a twenty five year old one hundred and seventy five centimetre blonde Ukranian supermodel for a hundred and fifty euros. Many of them work as both mature escorts (or otherwise) and also as a dominatrix. That is not the case with me.
Please understand, I do not have any problem with a woman selling her sexual services. If a woman wants to trade her beauty, body and sexual skills for money, then good luck to her. It is a hard job and I have nothing but respect for the girls who work as Gran Canaria escorts. It just is not what I do. In my private…

High Class Sex Workers

She did not carry a lot of luggage, which surprised me initially. Her Personal Assistant arranged for whatever she needed for her stay to be waiting on arrival. Unlike the majority of sex workers, apparently a dominatrix at her level did not work on short notice bookings. The majority of her clients had regular long term appointments, and if a new client did get onto the books they had to get to the top of the waiting list. He diary was apparently pretty much filled several months ahead. Which made it easy for her to travel light as long as her support team did their job. Besides, as she explained, if she was not flying on the clients private jet, airport security tended to get a little over curious about a case filled with corsets, latex dresses and an assortment of thigh boots and twelve inch high heeled shoes. And they went into full-on code red when they scanned a flight case loaded with handcuffs, whips, chains, vibrators, dildos, spreader bars (google it – I had to) and all the…

Its Not How You Expect

It is amazing how little expectations it is working in a sex organisation. Individuals believe that it must be either all attractive and also unique like Belle Du Jour or all seedy and also horrific like the majority of Hollywood films and also TV programs. Or a mix of the two such as when Julia Roberts meets Richard Geer. Actually that is just not right. In truth it is neither attractive or sleazy when you working from the center of the marketplace as well as grow your organisation mainly using the net as well as Google. It is really 99 percent dullness and 1 percent turmoil and complication.

Let me provide you an instance from our service in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. The majority of the time it pretty much runs itself with simply some training, tracking, site updating and the continuous search engine optimization as well as adding of backlinks. Oh, as well as social networks. Actually, now that I think about it the only thing that runs itself is the sales via function, ow…

Maintaining Security At An Escort Agency

Truthfully, a single dope dealer trying to muscle in on among his escort companies was not likely to trigger Ben any type of troubles. Also if he was backed up a few boys it was barely likely to create him to break a sweat in taking care of it. Mostly it had to do with excellent systems combined with quick and huge response.
A couple of months ago among his escorts had actually been held versus her will in a resort room while a ridiculous kid had actually called the firm with the girls phone and required a manage them to enable him to sell medicines to their customers. He intimidated that the exact same point, as well as even worse, would start to take place to all the women if the agency did not do as he demanded.
To be reasonable, the individual had done fairly a great deal right. Used the girls phone instead of his very own, made use of a hotel room as opposed to a suite, not said who or where the next rise would certainly take place. As dangers with hazards went, quite well done.


Seductiveness in a young lady is never about being faultless. It is about the aura of wanting and liking men. Sensuality not really perfection. To be very direct, a girl that looks as though she likes to fuck is more likely to have men queuing up to help her out. Nothing is sexier than a female that likes to have sex.
The kind of escort that turns a one hour booking into a weekend of fun, frivolity and non-stop debauchery is rarely the high-end model or perhaps the former Playboy centre fold. It is the young lady that makes a man feel like a man. The kind of gal that make a man glad to be a man. They type of lady that enjoys being with a man and shows it; a chick that is demonstrative, tactile, and enjoys giving and receiving pleasure. That is the young lady that a man wants to spend time with. One that finds him interesting and desirable and likes to give and receive pleasure.
Having an ideal body positively helps a lady have sex appeal. But that is certainly not enough or perhaps even…


Las Vegas is too much about gambling and also is also too family orientated nowadays. New York is the city which never sleeps but it does not do diversion the way it used to. Miami is a major commercial centre as well as the debauchery is hidden. And also in the case of escorts and also prostitution, which is such a big part of the Ibiza amusement scene, the local Police in Miami positively do their best to discourage both escorts and their customers. London has its major clubs as well as big links with Ibiza, but it still has to work against prohibitive licensing laws and the less permissive environment. Indeed all of the really good nightclubs in London are being closed down by the local licensing authorities. It has to be less permissive, it is a global metropolis as well as has to be careful of its reputation.
In Ibiza, every thing as well as anything is possible. In fact it is encouraged. And also the Police see themselves more as referees. They are only there to intervene if anyo…


The timeless City of London - AKA the Square Mile - is these days catering mostly to the minor portion of the investment service industry consisting of insurance organisations and their associated operations who bunch up near the Lloyds insurance headquarters and the distinctive Swiss Re high-rise building. It is a misunderstanding really to speak about the City when plenty of powerhouses are in other places. But lots of people refer to “Wall Street” regardless of countless of the significant operators being lodged in Connecticut.
And needless to say there are the vibrant and striving support sectors that pack around just about everywhere that wealth dwells; dining establishments, cocktail lounges, discos and strip clubs, beauty shops, tailor and clothing stores. And, this being an equal opportunities age, jewelers, make up outlets and beauty salons, and lots of health clubs and physical fitness centres.
High-class London escorts might be searched for in a lot of spots of London. Nevert…